Dr Arvinder Singh Addressed to CISF Airport Security Force

Global Warming Presentation

Global Warming problem is increasing with the growth of population, pollution, deforestation and industrialization, etc. Effects of global warming are so hazardous. Dr Arvinder Singh, who is the postgraduate medical doctor and an international speaker, gave a presentation on ‘Global Warming and Its Control Measures’ in Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur on 7th July, 2018, Saturday.  Dr Singh addressed to Airport Security Force (CISF). He talked about causes of global warming, its contributing factors, side effects and control measures

Dr Arvinder Singh Gave Presentation on Global Warming to CISF Members 

Many people do not know about global warming. In global warming, the average global temperature of Earth increases at the fastest rate. Global warming occurs due to greenhouse effect. Dr Singh also talked about greenhouse effect and role of greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, etc in greenhouse effect. He also told that electricity is the primary source of these harmful gases and second source is transportation.  Dr Singh also talked about the adverse effects of Global warming such as melting of glaciers, rising sea level, flooding, cyclone, more diseases, etc.

Dr Singh created awareness among CISF members by telling them their duties to save the earth from global warming. He told that people should stop unnecessary consumption of electricity. He also told that people should use bicycle for short distance. They should use CFL to save electricity and they should also spread awareness about global warming for environment protection. CISF members asked many questions about global warming to Dr. Singh.

In the function many prominent CISF officers were also present. G. M. Ansari (CISF Head) felicitated Dr Arvinder Singh for the wonderful presentation.  On the same day CISF members did plantation at different areas.

Dr Arvinder Singh is popular as creativity trainer, international speaker, human intelligence trainer and motivational speaker. He has attended many workshops as keynote speaker.

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