Easy Study and Good Memory Tips

Arth Diagnostics in association with Dainik Bhaskar and Central Public School organized a smart city summer camp. On 31st May, 2018, Dr Arvinder Singh, the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics took an interactive session in this camp. He gave tips to increase memory power to students.

Tips For Good Memory

Nowadays, 1 in 10 students has weak memory problem. Students face difficulty in memorizing the concepts for a long time. Dr. Singh introduced a powerful technique “Finger Guide Method“ through which people can increase the speed of reading.  He advised them that they should leave the habit of cramming the concepts and should understand the basic concepts. This habit will help in memorizing the concepts for a long time. He advised the students that they should work on the suggested things. This will reduce the study stress.

Dr. Singh also told that many students read the books without interest. He gave advice to the students that they should read the concepts with colorful diagrams and also develop the habit of watching educational videos. By applying these methods they can make the study interesting.

Dr. Singh told the students that if concepts are clear in mind then they can easily answer the complex questions asked in competitive exams. He also elaborated the importance of revision to students.

For good health follow these 3 tips suggested by Dr. Singh.

  1. Regular Exercise: Physical activities are the most important for improving performance in exam days. Oxygen flow is maintained through regular exercise. By this learning and thinking capacity is increased.
  2. Healthy Diet: Students should take healthy diet. In exam time students should take fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, etc. These healthy foods fulfill the nutrition requirements of the body and this is also beneficial for mental focus and memory.
  3. Peaceful Sleep: Peaceful sleep is important for good memory. Students should take 6 to 8 hours sleep for good physical and mental health. Research depicts that there is a strong correlation between sleep and memory.
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