Good Study Tips by Dr Arvinder Singh

Good Study Tips in Smart City Summer Camp

On 10th June, 2018, the grand finale of Smart City summer camp 2018 was organized in Sukhdia Auditorium, Udaipur. Dainik Bhaskar, Arth Diagnostics, and C.P.S, started this summer camp to give a platform to students where they can learn many things such as singing, dancing, painting, self-defense, computer, etc, at one place.  Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO and the CMD of Arth Diagnostics, was the chief guest of the event. He gave a wonderful motivational speech at the event. He mainly gave emphasis on study related problems and also gave effective study tips to students.

Dr. Singh elaborated the importance of motivation in students’ life. He advised that students should welcome daily challenges and should confront them. This technique will keep the student confident, focused and enthusiastic. Parents should also motivate and encourage their children on each small successes. If students fail then also they should take it positively and stay focused. Dr. Singh told that students should do study and revision daily as this technique will help them to achieve their big goals.

Study Tips are given by Dr. Arvinder Singh

Students should follow the study tips mentioned here. Students should take 10 minutes break in one hour study. Instead of wasting break time on mobile and computer games they should utilize that time. In the break time, they can do walk, chat with others and can close eyes and take rest.

Every time is the best time to study. A student can study anytime and anywhere. The place where a student wants to study should be free of distraction. Select one place and study there only. This habit will increase the concentration of the student. A student should put all the necessary things such as books, stationery, eatables, etc. nearby them. Through this student’s interest in the study will increase. Students can make colorful diagrams to make the study notes creative and interesting. This habit will help to get clarity of the concepts and students can remember concepts for a long time. Students should stay away from negative people and always think positive. They should read motivation literature and watch motivational videos to stay motivated. Students can apply these study tips to score good marks.

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