Guided Meditation for Happiness

Stress and anxiety occur when we cannot tolerate the pressure or a difficult situation. These problems are faced by all people such as working professionals, students, housewives, etc. because they have to manage various tasks. No medicines can relieve stress and anxiety completely from the root. Only meditation can do this miracle. In the current busy lifestyle, people hardly get time for meditation. Hence, Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, has introduced a guided meditation method first time in India.

Guided Meditation in India

With the help of interactive meditation, a person can remain calm, energetic and relaxed even in the stressful situation. Dr. Singh tells that regular interactive meditation strengthens the immunity of the person and the person stays healthy and active. Guided meditation is more effective than ordinary meditation because in this method a person can measure the success score in meditation. The guided meditation method provides meditation guidance to the user and by following the guidance the user can relax the mind and the body.

Guided meditation method uses biofeedback technology, gaming and virtual reality to give entertaining meditation experience to the user. This type of interactive meditation makes the meditation interesting and engaging for users. Interactive guided meditation measures the biological responses like a change in heart rate, change in breathing rate, etc. These measures are used to calculate the success score in meditation. A person can experience different meditation modes such as meditation at the mountain, meditation in a Zen garden, etc. Relaxing rhythms are also available, hence a person can select the relaxing rhythm according to the choice and can create a meditation environment.  Guided meditation increases the intensity of meditation by giving meditation guidance.

Dr. Singh collaborated with a Canadian company – Unyte and introduced interactive meditation method through iom2 device first time in India.

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