Inauguration of Faculty of Gym Training

Inauguration of Faculty of Gym Training

Nowdays,  people are becoming more conscious towards health and fitness. Pacific University started faculty of gym training and management to fulfill the fitness need of people. The fitness labs will be located in Pacific University campus. Students can get best fitness facilities, yoga sessions and personality development courses.

Inauguration of Faculty of Gym Training and Management

Dr Arvinder Singh did inauguration of faculty of gym training and management. He also believes that people should maintain physical fitness as well as mental fitness. He conducts many health care programs to create health awareness among people. In the program, he gives effective tips to the attendants to maintain proper body weight. Dr Arvinder Singh takes nutritious diet regularly and he also goes to Gym daily to maintain health and fitness.

In the inauguration program of gym training and management, he shared his thoughts with others. He also told that this training problem can give benefits to many persons. In the inauguration program, Rahul Agarwal (Secretary), Dr B P Sharma (Vice Chancellor), Sharad Kothari (Registrar), C I Abdul Rahman, Prof. Indrajeet Singhvi and Dr Mahima Bidla were also present. In the auspicious program, Dr Gunit Monga, gave the introduction of gym training and management course.

Dr Arvinder Singh is also going to launch mind body fitness and body building training programs. The person can take help of these programs to maintain overall fitness of the body. Dr Arvinder is working on human intelligence, emotional intelligence as well as spiritual intelligence. He is the national level motivational trainer.

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