Certificate for Health Care and Education Services

Honoured by Rotary Club, Udaipur

Good health and high education are the blessings of life. These two things are essential to become successful.  A person cannot handle the complexities of life without good health. Education makes the person knowledgeable. Dr Arvinder Singh got certificate of honour from Rotary Club of Udaipur Mewar for his health care and education services.

Certificate for Health care and Education Services

Dr Arvinder Singh mainly belongs to medical profession. He completed MBBS and MD in pathology. Now he is the CEO and CMD at Arth Diagnostics. Dr Arvinder Singh presented health care research papers in many national and international seminars. He brought modern facilities and equipment such as 3D and 4D Ultrasound, 3 Tesla MRI, etc in Arth Diagnostic. He also conducts many blood donation camps and also takes part in many health care seminars.

Dr Arvinder Singh has organised workshops and seminars in many schools and colleges to create education awareness among students. In the education seminars he suggests students to select career goal according to their interest. He provides various education services such as creativity training, career counselling, problem solving and decision making training, intelligence enhancement training, speed reading , memory enhancement training, etc.

Dr Arvinder Singh got many awards from various agencies for his excellent health care and education services. He wants to educate youths of the nation so that they can contribute in the growth. Dr Arvinder Singh also suggests that students should work on personal skills. Good skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, etc help in growth of the career.

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