Appreciation award for excellent health care services by Jain Samaj

Felicitated by Jain Samaj, Udaipur

Dr Arvinder Singh is a popular pathologist. He did MBBS and MD in Pathology field. Currently, he is the CMD and CEO of Arth Diagnostics. Arth Diagnostics is counted in one of the most excellent diagnostic centers. At the center the person can get excellent health care services for X-Ray, Sonography, Blood Tests, 3D color dropper ultrasound, urine test, etc. Dr Arvinder Singh got many awards and appreciation certificates for his excellent command health care industry.

Jain Samaj Presented Award for Social and Health Care Services

Jain Samaj organised an event to give appreciation award to the most deserving persons. Dr Arvinder Singh also got invitation and in the program, Jain Samaj gave prestigious award to him for his excellent health care services. Best health care services are the reason behind the fast growth of Arth Diagnostics. The diagnostic center got huge popularity in short span of time. Experienced and qualified persons work in the team of Arth Diagnostics.

At Arth Diagnostics Center, modern equipment and facilities such as 3 Tesla MRI, 3D Ultrasound, 4 D Ultrasound, Sonography, Pathology tests, etc, are available for welfare of the patients. Hence, many patients come in the diagnostics center regularly for the treatment of diseases. At the center some other health care facilities such as blood sugar test, infertility test, thyroid test, Cholesterol test, glycosylated hemoglobin test, lipid profile test and other pathology tests are also available.

To create the awareness among people Dr Arvinder Singh conducts many health care programs. He conducts program to give health tips to patients so that they can maintain fitness of their body. Dr Arvinder Singh also introduced mind body fitness and body building programs. In the health program, he mainly talks about fitness exercises, diet plans and also gives information about excellent medical supplements. With fitness program, Dr Arvinder Singh also conducts intelligence enhancement program to increase operational intelligence level.

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