Appreciation Award for IIM Indore Gold Medal

Appreciation Certificate for IIM Gold Medal

Dr. Arvinder Singh is the MBBS, MD and postgraduate medical doctor. He is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics center, Udaipur. Dr. Singh is the First doctor from India who has won IIM gold medal. Despite being from the medical field he scored good marks in IIM and rewarded by IIM Indore gold medal. Dr. Singh worked really hard to get admission in IIM. He cleared CAT exam with high marks. Regular practice, smart study method, time management, confidence, and the enthusiasm helped him to get the IIM Indore gold medal. Dr. Singh got a package of 90 lakhs from Royal Victoria Hospital, Scotland and 13-14 more big offers when he was doing MBA, but he refused the lucrative offers because he wanted to work for the welfare of Indians. Dr. Arvinder’s name also got awards for his achievement.

Dr Arvinder Singh Received IIM Indore Gold Medal

Dr. Arvinder Singh received an appreciation award on the Republic Day by the honorable state minister. Dr. Singh suffered from polio when he was 8 months old. His journey from MBBS to MBA was not easy. He faced various challenges and despite those challenges, he remained positive, confident and enthusiastic. Dr. Singh understood the importance of management and knew many management concepts through IIM Indore.

Dr. Singh tells that MBA from IIM Indore helped him to manage Arth diagnostics center more effectively. In a just short period of time, Arth Diagnostics won the trust of millions of patients and doctors by its quality reports, advance test availability and best services. Dr. Arvinder Singh tells that the knowledge of management concepts helped him to overcome those challenges, which many of the entrepreneurs see in current era.

Dr. Arvinder Singh is also popular as human intelligence trainer and creative trainer. He was honored by various prestigious awards for his contribution towards the society.

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