Inspirational Speaker

Appreciation in National Seminar

Dr Arvinder Singh is an inspirational speaker. He is also the international coach, intelligence trainer and creativity trainer. He has excellent motivation skills and also has other skills such as leadership skills, negotiation skills, creativity, etc. Dr Arvinder Singh has all the essential skills that make him an effective inspirational speaker.

The Japanese company, HORIBA and Maharastra pathologist Association conducted a national pathologist conference in Sholapur. They invited many pathologists in the conference. Dr Arvinder Singh got special invitation from the authorities and they appreciated his works and achievements.

Inspirational Speaker in National Pathologist Conference

In the national conference, Dr Arvinder Singh expressed his views on blood test through automatic machine. He also discussed some important features of automatic machine with other pathologists. He elaborated that through only one blood drop, the doctors can do more than 30 tests with the help of automatic machine. The inspirational speaker also motivated others pathologists so that they can provide complete solution to the patients.

Dr Arvinder Singh received many awards and credentials for his innovative thinking ability, health care works, education services and excellent motivational speaking skill. In the national conference, he also introduced 3 to 6 upgrade technique. Pathologists can diagnose many diseases by only identifying the unique substance in the blood with the help of this technique.

As an inspirational speaker, Dr Arvinder Singh also gives career counselling to needy people so that they make select right career goals to achieve success easily. He has been working in human intelligence development field since long time. Dr Arvinder also provides mind training through which the person can improve memory and concentration power with the help of training program.

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