Award for Intellectual Enhancement Tool

Intellectual Enhancement Tool

Dr Arvinder Singh believes that human decisions decide destiny. The person has to take effective decisions and solve problems for successful enriched life. He says that in current competitive situation so many opportunities are available. The person can use those opportunities and can become successful easily. Times of India presented award to Dr Arvinder Singh for his invention of intellectual enhancement – Seven Effective Thinking Patterns tool. He stated that the tool is development after deep research and also tested by various national and international authorities.

Award for Invention of Intellectual Enhancement Tool

Dr Arvinder Singh elaborates that this intellectual enhancement tool can train human mind to take correct decisions. People know that currently industries are hiring those persons only who have all essential soft skills such as creativity, decision making and problem solving. Hence, those persons are getting better jobs and higher salary package that have all the critical soft skills.

Dr Arvinder Singh conducts many intellectual enhancement training programs to help persons so that they can acquire essential skills. After the training program he measures the results through internationally approved measuring scale. All participants can see improvement in their skills after intellectual enhancement training program.

Many persons such as students, working professionals, corporate persons, etc, can take advantage by this training program. An average person can also afford the training program as the program cost is very low. The person can get various benefits such as it will help in academic excellence, career selection, and emotional intelligence. At the same time, the person can learn entrepreneurial skills easily with this intellectual enchantment tool


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