Intellectual Enrichment

Intellectual Enrichment with SETP

Dr Arvinder Singh is working on intellectual enrichment from past several years. He invented Seven Effective Thinking Patterns tool through which an average person can naturally increase the mind power. SETP tool can improve the speed of logical thinking. A person can easily find out the solution of the problem. If the person utilizes mind power up to 100 percent then he can use the complete knowledge to achieve the goal.

He invented this tool because today it is the common problem that only few persons use the mind power completely. Other persons only use up to 20 percent. The main reason behind the problem is that they do know how to use the mind power. He said that the person should work on intellectual enrichment then only he can get success in life.

Intellectual Enrichment with SETP

Dr Arvinder Singh told that with the help of SETP the person can see stable improvements in skills and abilities. The person can get many benefits such as memory power enhancement, better decision making, increment in mental speed, creativity enhancement and confidence development. These powers help in intellectual enrichment and also help to achieve goals in life.

Many people believe that after a definite age, the person cannot increase the intelligence quotient. However, Dr Arvinder Singh proved that people of all ages can increase the IQ level by SETP.  He published many research papers in national and internal journals on SETP. He told that human mind works on seven different thinking patterns such as creativity patter, positive thinking pattern, critical thinking pattern, emotional pattern, planning pattern, facts pattern and radiant thinking pattern. Dr Arvinder Singh, the intelligence trainer works on all these thinking patterns for intellectual enrichment.

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