Seminar on Intelligence Development

Intelligence Development Seminar

Dr Arvinder Singh did mind map training under the guidance of Tony Buzan, a popular mind map trainer. He did Mind Map training course from famous and well-known ThinkBuzan Academy, UK. Dr Arvinder Singh is also the certified licensed trainer of lateral thinking and parallel thinking. He invented Seven Effective Thinking Patterns tool for intelligence development.

Intelligence Development Seminar by Dr Arvinder Singh

Mind mapping is graphical method to represent ideas and thoughts. It is a visualize thinking pattern which helps in generating creative ideas. To learn mind mapping technique both artistic and analytical thinking are essential. Dr Arvinder Singh conducts seminars at various places to teach mind mapping technique to people. This technique also works for human intelligence development and enhancement. Person can become creative easily if his imagination power is strong.

Dr Arvinder Singh took seminar in Sukhadia University on intelligence development. In the seminar he introduced SETP tool which can work for intelligence enhancement. An average person can improve intelligence with this specially designed tool. Dr Arvinder Singh and other researchers also tested this tool on many persons and got effective results.

In the seminar, he also disclosed some natural and effective intelligence enhancement techniques. He also solved the queries of students. All the students and members available in the seminar gave positive feedback. They learned about modern intelligence enhancement techniques. Dr Arvinder Singh also shared his life experiences with the students. He also provided career guidance to students in intelligence development seminar.

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