Intelligence Enhancement with SETP Tool

Intelligence Enhancement is Possible

Dr Arvinder Singh invented and introduced intelligence enhancement tool – Seven Effective Thinking Patterns. Through his research he proved the concept that if the person gets proper systematic training then intelligence enhancement is possible. Intelligence level can be increased range between minimum 30 percentages to more. Dr Arvinder Singh also presented his researches to national and international authorities.

It was a unique concept, however after careful analysis and by applying different authentication testing finally the authorities approved the tool. Both Authorities accepted it that Seven Effective Thinking Patterns tool can help in intelligence enhancement. SETP tool is registered with government of India within intellectual property rights.

Dr Arvinder Singh also conducts workshops and seminars for intelligence development and enhancement. He has taken patent for SETP training program. He has proved that person can increase the intelligence quotient level with the help of training programs.

Increase Intelligence Quotient Level

He describes that problem solving skills, creativity, decision making skills, innovation and intelligence level terms are correlated. Hence, the intelligent person can take more effective decisions as comparison to an average person.  Through training the person can easily increase his intelligence level within few days.

SETP tool also works for memory acceleration. It is general belief that memory power declines as the age of the person increases. By memory enhancement tool – SETP, the person of any age can increase memory power. He also believes that healthy lifestyle of the person can also help in memory and mind power improvement.

Generally, people use either left brain or right brain. In other words, the people do not use complete brain through which they do not achieve required harmony. In the workshops or seminars, Dr Arvinder Singh explains various techniques to increase intelligence level. Till today, he has conducted many workshops at different places to give essential skills to persons.

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