Increase Intelligence Quotient With SETP

Intelligence Quotient can be Increased

Dr Arvinder Singh claimed that with Seven Effective Thinking patterns (SETP) tool, the person can increase intelligence quotient level. It is a general belief that IQ and mind, develop in the first five years in human beings. So people believe that after five years IQ level does not develop. However, Dr Arvinder Singh proved it at national and international level that at any age the person can increase intelligence quotient level. He stated that through proper systematic training that person’s IQ level can get increased to minimum 30 percentages.

Particularly for this purpose, Dr Arvinder Singh has introduced SETP tool. He did five years research on intelligence enhancement and invented the intelligence enhancement tool. He registered the tool by Government of India and also received patent in SETP training. On the other hand, International Journal of Indian Psychology and International Journal of Commerce and Behaviour also approved the research.

Increase Intelligence Quotient

Dr Arvinder Singh explained that human mind works on seven thinking patterns such as creativity, positive thinking, planning, critical thinking, emotional, fact and radiant thinking. SETP tool can work on all the seven thinking patterns of mind. After working on seven parts of mind the intelligence quotient can be increased by average 30 percentages.

On 250 persons, researchers tested SETP tool and got awesome results. Researchers used two techniques to measure IQ level of persons. Dr Arvinder Singh provides minimum 40 hours training programs to increase Intelligence quotient. During the SETP training program, he also works on weakness of persons, positive points, creative skills, emotional feelings, etc. He takes interactive sessions in which participants can clear the doubts on the spot. Dr Arvinder Singh has conducted various seminars and workshops on SETP program. Many persons got benefits from the training program.  He is one of best motivational speakers and creative trainers.

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