Creativity and intelligence Trainer with MY FM Team

Creativity Trainer With Team of My FM

It is the time of Intelligence. Today, the person who is genius can easily rule on the world. Each person wants to become genius however it is not in the hands of anyone. People expect creative ideas from those persons who always show their creative skills. But is there any difference between in the mind of a genius person and in the mind of an average person. Hence, an average person can also increase his intelligence level with the help of intelligence trainer.

Dr Arvinder Singh is a popular creative and intelligence trainer. He states that some popular persons such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, etc whose names are recorded in genius person category were normal but their names are famous because their intelligence level was very high. An Average person can also become genius if he starts working on the intelligence enhancement. So, Dr Arvinder Singh has introduced a tool for increasing intelligence level in human beings. Seven Effective Thinking Patterns is an internationally accepted tool that can help to boost intelligence quotient.

Intelligence Trainer with My FM Team

My FM team appreciated the efforts of Dr Arvinder Singh. Through MY FM, He delivered his message about intelligence enhancement to public. Many persons are not aware about SETP tool and its benefits. Dr Arvinder Singh did long time research on intelligence enhancement and submitted the research at national and international level. National and International authorities approved the tool after careful examination.

As an intelligence trainer he has conducted various workshops and many persons also got benefits from the training programs. International Journal of Indian Psychology also presented national award to him for invention of intelligence enhancement tool. He also received many prestigious awards for the introduction of SETP tool. In the training programs he also works on the weaknesses of persons.

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