Interactive Meditation in 6 Minutes

Interactive Meditation

Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO, and CMD of Arth Diagnostics brought a unique concept of interactive meditation in India with the help of Unyte Company.  Lacks of focus, stress, depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, etc. problems have seen in people of every age. These problems give an invitation to diseases because the root causes of most of the diseases are these problems. If we can control these problems then, of course, we can live a healthy, peaceful and happy life. Interactive meditation can help to control these problems.

Interactive Meditation in India

In interactive meditation, biofeedback device is used to measure the biological responses and according to those measures give the success score in meditation.  Dr. Arvinder Singh tells that this guided meditation device is especially beneficial for those people, who avoid meditation due to lack of guidance and lack of time.  This interactive meditation device measures the health rate variation, breathing rate, etc. and also shows the success score in meditation on the laptop, iPad, mobile phone, etc.

The best part in interactive relaxation is, it can decrease the stress level and increase positivity energy in the body in just 6 minutes. Moreover, people can easily use this device anywhere like in vehicle, office, park, etc. The interactive device tells that how successful or unsuccessful the meditation was. This guided meditation device shows the resonance score (success score in meditation). The higher the resonance score is, the more relaxed you are.

Moreover, Interactive meditation is very flexible as the user can do various settings in the device according to the need. Initially, the user can start meditation on low difficulty level and slowing can increase the difficulty level for meditation.  In the Indian market, the device is available in very low price. Meditation lovers can use this interactive meditation device and can get optimum benefits easily. On the other hand, people who are new to meditation can easily become trained in meditation.

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