International Business Negotiator

International Business Negotiator

Dr. Arvinder Singh has received international business negotiator certificate by Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM). IIAM is one of the pioneer institutions in India. Dr. Singh will provide alternative dispute resolution & business negotiation services to people. He is already a certified license instructor of problem-solving, decision making and creativity. Hence, he will use his skills, knowledge, and experience to resolve commercial disputes and will also give fast justice to people. Dr. Singh has successfully completed the international business negotiation training program conducted at Cochin, India.

Dr. Arvinder Singh Has Become International Business Negotiator

He will use his negotiation skills to solve commercial disputes and to establish friendly business relationships. Dr. Singh also received a certificate of accredited mediation by IIAM. As an international business negotiator, he will help people to deal with the business challenges such as start a business, internal management issues, sales and transaction-related issues, external business disputes, etc.

Now with the growing competitions among companies, business disputes are also increasing. In business negotiation service, dispute parties do not win or not. They negotiate and resolute the dispute matter with the help of international business negotiator. Dr. Arvinder Singh has also a good knowledge of negotiation strategies and negotiation techniques. Hence, this knowledge will help him to become an effective international business negotiator.

Dr. Singh did MBA from IIM, Indore. He scored highest marks 4.133 grade point out of 4 in legal aspects of the business. Currently, he is also pursuing LLB from an esteemed university. Moreover, Dr. Singh is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics. Hence, knowledge of various fields can help him to solve international business disputes and complex business matters. Dr. Singh is already famous as the international coach, mind map trainer and creativity trainer. Hence, he will use creative thinking skill to provide the best solution to the problem.

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