International Coach

Dr Arvinder Singh completed 64 hours Ericsson International training program and became international coach. ICF (International Coach Federation), New York gave him membership certificate. He did unique coach training and also explored hidden potentials. He got fame from his works in health care, intelligence enhancement and creativity development field.

Certified International Coach

He is the first doctor from Rajasthan who completed this program and became international coach. Dr Arvinder Singh has many qualities such hardworking, passionate, optimistic, creative thinking, self-driven, etc. He got many awards from national and international authorities. An efficient coach can provide right direction to persons.

In many fields such as sports, business and even in person life, coaching is essential. A coach assists people in building capabilities to real higher level in both personal and professional life. International coach provides training at both national and international level. Dr Arvinder Singh did mind training course from DeBono Academy. He is also licensor of parallel thinking and lateral thinking.

Dr Arvinder Singh has also expertise in neurolinguistic programming, memory training, negotiation, pathology, radiant thinking and speed reading. He conducted many motivational seminars at different places to provide right direction to youths. He is also expert in strategic planning, management and marketing. Dr Arvinder Singh invented brain enhancement tool and also got national award for his work.

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