Dr Arvinder Singh, International Coach

Paullete Rao of International Coaching Federation

Dr Arvinder Singh received the certificate of international coach from Paullete Rao of International Coaching Federation. He has many qualities such as leadership, creativity, motivation skills, negotiation skills, etc. He knows how to motivate the persons. Dr Arvinder Singh faced many problems in his life but his skills and intelligence level helped him to deal with the situation.

International Coach

As an international coach, he conducts many training programs so that youths can easily acquire essential skills. He considers that everyone is unique because other persons are not like him. Some persons are good in one field whereas some are good in other field. People can know their hidden capabilities with the help of training program. He also introduced SETP, an intelligence enhancement tool to help people.

Dr Arvinder Singh is not only an international coach. He is also recognized as mind map trainer, creativity trainer and operational intelligence trainer. In the training programs, he also works on weaknesses of each person. He wants that every youth should use creative skills for the growth and development of the nation. He also rejected high salary package offer because he wants to work for the welfare of the society.


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