International Creativity Seminar in Singapore

International Creativity Seminar in Singapore

Innovation and creativity are problem solving techniques. The person has to apply creative and innovative thoughts to discover the solution of the particular problem. A person can find valuable solution by using innovative thoughts. Creativity is a basic skill of all entrepreneurs. Dr Arvinder Singh invented a unique intelligence enhancement tool – SETP (Seven Effective Thinking Patterns tool). This tool can increase creativity skill of a person in just short period of time. Dr Arvinder Singh took international creativity seminar in Singapore to teach creative thinking skills to all participants.

Creativity Seminar in Singapore

In the creativity seminar he talked about creativity and simple methods to generate creativity in an average person. He also introduced internationally approved creativity measuring scale in the seminar. With this scale he measured pre training and post training score. Pre training score was lesser than post training score. In the creativity seminar, he gave proper training to all participants on creativity and innovation.

Dr Arvinder Singh also talked about Seven Effective Thinking Patterns. Therefore, with the help of this tool, the person can easily learn problem solving and effective decision making. Dr Arvinder Singh suggested that the person should try to find out all alternatives ways to perform a normal task. This activity can generate creativity in the person. The person should also take risks, as when a person invents something new thing, some challenges also come with new invention. Therefore, the person should accept challenges.


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