International Mind Trainer

International Mind Trainer

Dr Arvinder Singh completed mind training course from DeBono Thinking Academy, USA and Think Buzan Academy, UK. He got success in mind training exam. He became international mind trainer and became the part of limited mind trainers of the nation. Dr Arvinder can provide mind training and he can provide certificate to the participants.

Dr Arvinder Singh, an International Mind Trainer

Soon, the mind trainer is going to start mind training program in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He also conducted various workshops in different cities to introduce mind training concept. In the training program, he will also introduce certain techniques to increase mind power. In the mind training program he will discuss certain techniques such as mind mapping, brainstorming, (SETP) Seven Effective Thinking Patterns, etc.

SETP is a new concept. Dr Arvinder Singh, the mind trainer specially designed this training program by considering the capabilities and abilities of an average person. Dr Arvinder Singh believes that an average person can naturally increase the intelligence quotient level minimum up to 30 percentages by attending training program.

He measures the IQ of the person by international measuring scale approved national psychological corporation. This measuring scale provides accurate scores. Dr Arvinder Singh measures pre training and post training score. The post training intelligence score is always higher than pre training intelligence score. As a mind trainer, he teaches various concepts such as creativity, decision making, problem solving, SETP, idea generation methods, etc.

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