With Famous Poet Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas is a popular name. He is famous Hindi poet and he has become a celebrity among youth of India. He is also the part of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). The popular personality has millions of fans. People like his poetry and his communication style. He is an excellent communicator and motivator. He speaks about various social issues and provides solutions for social problems.

Kumar Vishwas also took part in anti corruption moment. He presents his poetry in different poet meets. He actively takes part in various social programs.  Dr Arvinder Singh met with Kumar Vishwas in an award function. Kumar Vishwas communicated with him and praised him for his works. Dr Arvinder Singh shared his thoughts with him and Kumar Vishwas also shared his vision and thoughts. He was impressed by the thinking skills of Dr Arvinder Singh.

Dr Arvinder Singh with Kumar Vishwas

In his thoughts, Dr. Arvinder Singh shared his plans for the welfare of the society. He also communicated about his works and experiences. In current world people do not understand the importance of creativity. Dr Arvinder Singh, who is a creativity trainer, motivator and international coach, wants to introduce some essential changes in the society.

Dr Arvinder Singh wants to do something beneficial for the society. He has organised various workshops and seminars to provide knowledge to people. He also conducts training sessions to teach necessary skills to people. Kumar Vishwas shared about his experiences. He also discussed about current social issues in the meeting.

For the welfare of the society, Dr Arvinder Singh contributes in various NGOs and also runs own NGO. His motivation style is unique. He teaches in different manner so that each person can get the skill. Dr Arvinder Singh believes that people can make things possible by hard work and dedication. He is a role model for all youths.

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