Importance of life Skills in Education

Importance of Life Skills in Education

According to World Health Organization, Life skills are defined as “The abilities of individuals that help them to face everyday’s life challenges and needs”. Life skills include psycho-social skills, personal skills and interpersonal skills such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. In current education system, books only include theories and concepts. However, a person can not become successful without skills. With the help of skills, a person can make most out of life.

Importance of Life Skills in Education

Dr. Arvinder Singh is popular as human intelligence and creativity trainer. He has been awarded by national award and state level award for his unique mind intelligence training program “Seven Effective Thinking Patterns”.  Dr. Singh realized that many people are facing difficulties in their life because they do not contain needed life skills. He thinks that current education system should give focus on teaching life skills. Hence, to serve the purpose he did partnership with LXL Ideas and brought unique concept “School Cinema” in Rajasthan. He has exclusive license for school cinema education module.

Rotary Club Udaipur Mewar with media partners Dainik Bhaskar and 94.3 My FM organized a grand complimentary function on 14 th November for student benefit. Many known personalities became part of this event and also appreciated the work of Dr. Arvinder Singh and Rotary Club. They liked the concept and presented their positive feedbacks in the function.

Saurabh Paliwal, director of Archana group told that in current era where competition growth is too high, this type of entertaining learning will help to give effective education to students. He also said that students will learn to deal with life problems and they will make a bright future. Rotary club members Abhay Malara and Hansraj Choudary also appreciated the education module. They said that the module will bring big revolution in education field.

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