Life skills cinema event by Rotary Club

Cinema has a big impact in our life. Children, adults and old people also get affected by films.  We like to see movies and serials because through these we can easily understand what things are going on outside. We also know what solution and skills, film characters are applying to solve particular problem. Hence, we also apply same solution whenever we face same problems. People learn from movies and apply the learning in real life. We all know the use of cinema for entertainment; however, cinema can help in teaching important life skills.

Life Skills Through Cinema

Rotary Club Udaipur Mewar is going to organize grand complimentary event for social welfare on children’s day to teach essential life skills through cinema. Dr. Arvinder Singh, the president of Rotary club Udaipur Mewar and CEO of Arth Diagnostics has done partnership with LXL ideas. He brought school cinema module in Rajasthan. The module contains various films for L.K.G. class to college students, parents and teachers on various important life skills. School cinema prepare films by keeping in mind the age of students, their mindset, their awareness and important life skills which should be taught to them.

School cinema has introduced more than 120 films in which many films also got appreciation and recognition at national and international levels. The films are not normal films. For the creation of films, the film produces first identify a specific topic which should be taught to particular age group of students. Then the producers create films to give specific message to viewers through film. School cinema module helps to teach various life skills such as creativity, stress management, team management, failure handling, environment awareness, anger management, problem solving, decision making, etc.

In this school cinema event around 3000 students will take part. Commercially the price for this module is 500 per head. Students, teachers and parents all can learn various life skills through it.

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