Honoured by Lions Club

The life journey of Dr Arvinder Singh is full of challenges. He did lot of struggle in his life. Currently he is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics and Raahat hospital. Although he has achieved fame and money yet he works for the welfare of the society. He did many courses from well-known Indian and foreign Universities. He takes seminars and workshops to educate people and also help them to acquire skills. Dr Arvinder Singh got many awards for his works and achievements. Lions Club gave him award for his innovative thoughts.

Dr Arvinder Singh Got Appreciation From Lions Club

Today many people assume that creative thinking is god gifted, however it is not true. Each person can become creative if he will think in unique or different manner. Dr Arvinder Singh is the certified license instructor for Mind map, problem solving, decision making and creativity training. He believes that people can explore their hidden talent with the help of training programs. Lions Club appreciated him for his unique thinking.

In the Lions Club, Dr Arvinder Singh shared his thoughts with others. He told that a creative person can deal with every difficult condition because the person is capable to find out the solution with the help of his creative skills. The brain of a creative person responds in different way as compared to a normal average person. In other words, an average person sees or understands things in normal manner and only thinks like other persons are thinking. Dr Arvinder Singh stated that to get creativity, First of all, the person should try to explore his creative skills.

The name of Dr Arvinder Singh was nominated in Lions club award because of his marvelous achievements. He was the most deserving person because he provided excellent services to the society. Dr Arvinder Singh got many prestigious awards at both national and international levels.

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