Award for Innovative Thinking

Appreciated By Lions Club for Innovative Thinking

In an award ceremony program, Lions Club presented the most prestigious award to Dr Arvinder Singh for his innovative thinking. Dr Arvinder Singh is a talented person who has defeated his disability with his intelligence level. He achieved so much in his life by his intellect and innovative thinking. He did MBBS, MD and also did MBA from esteemed and well recognized universities.

Award for Innovative Thinking

Dr Arvinder Singh is specially trained in speed reading, mind map training, intelligence enhancement and creativity training. He received many awards such as Young Entrepreneur Award, IIM Gold Medal, National Award for invention of Intelligence Enhancement Tool – SETP, Health Care Award, Mind training Award, etc.

Dr Arvinder Singh achieved the top level by his innovative thinking and positive spirit. He did many works in health care industry also. With the help of Bramall Diagnostics, he brought latest technologies in Udaipur for the welfare of patients. Currently, he is running Arth Dianostics for the well being of the society.

Dr Arvinder Singh’s works are not limited in training and health care fields. He is also a active social worker. He provides free of cost training to the poor and brilliant student, who cannot afford expensive training programs. Lions Club’s members appreciated the innovative thinking and the social services of Dr Arvinder Singh.

At the award ceremony, Dr Arvinder Singh also shared his innovative vision with the members. He conducts many training programs so that persons can easily acquire important skills. He has zeal to serve the society. With the help of his innovative thinking, he also developed a unique program with the name of Seven Effective Thinking Patterns. With this program the persons can easily learn creativity, problem solving, decision making, innovation and can also get emotional mastery. All the members admired the innovative thinking skills of Dr Arvinder Singh in the function .

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