Market Leadership

Training Importance for Market Leadership

The famous medical imaging company CURA organised a program ‘Scan-17’ in Chennai. The company invited Dr Arvinder Singh, CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics to take a session on Market Leadership. He took the session and the members present in the program also appreciated his speech. He told to the participants that it is essential for all the companies who want to increase the market share that they should provide best services to customers at right price.

Importance of Training for Market Leadership

In the program, he gave some tips to CURA Company to achieve market leadership and to increase market share. He told that the company should provide best services better that all competitors to patients at affordable price to increase profit and to maintain market share.

Dr Arvinder Singh also elaborated that upgrading the technologies will not help at all. The company has to provide proper training to all employees so that they can understand things in proper manner. He also explained that without proper training, companies cannot make best use of technology. Companies can easily achieve market leadership through it.

In the program, he also demonstrated that how imaging companies can offer world class machines at lower rates and best quality by minimizing their expenditures. The participants also asked many questions to Dr Arvinder Singh in the program. They asked many queries to learn more about market leadership and techniques. He also gave several examples of best companies and discussed their strategies in the program.


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