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Media Coverage on Mind Power

Dr Arvinder Singh believes that normally a person wants to achieve either money or fame or power and position from life. He says that with the help of only mind power the person can achieve all goals. Dr Arvinder Singh got many prestigious awards for his innovative thinking from various national and international authorities.

Benefits of Mind Power

Many persons do hard work to achieve the goal however they fail and feel disappointed.  Dr Arvinder Singh believes that if a person uses his mind power properly then he can easily achieve the goals. Mind power plays a very prominent role in achieving goals and success in life. He also invented brain enhancement tool – Seven Effective thinking patterns (SETP) about which he told that the tool can help to increase the mind power of the persons.

Dr Arvinder Singh believes that to accomplish anything valuable, the person has to use mind power properly. Mind helps to make plans through which the person works toward goal attainment. The SETP can help to maintain the emotional balance so that the person can retain the peace of the mind. He said that SETP training can provide benefits to people of all ages. People can see clarity of their goals and they can put efforts in right direction.

Dr Arvinder Singh also elaborated that people can learn all essential skills such as problem solving, decision making, stress handling and creativity that can contribute in goal achievement. He disclosed the information that human mind works on seven patterns. A genius person uses all these patterns up to 100 percent. However an average person utilizes these patterns only up to 20 percent. Hence, he told that with the help of SETP an average person can learn how these seven mind patterns can be used up to 100 percent. Other than mind power enhancement, there are so many other benefits of this training program.

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