Cleared Certified Course in Medical Law for Doctors

Certified Course in Medicine & Law for Doctors

Dr Arvinder Singh has successfully completed the certified course of “Medicine and Law for Doctors” from the esteemed law university with good grades. In current scenario, knowledge of medical law is very essential for healthcare professionals. Medical Law mainly deals with the legal rights and responsibilities of doctors, hospitals and patients. This medicine and law course provides guidelines to doctors about the ethical medical standards to be followed in the medical profession. It also covers lot of examples of medico-legal cases against doctors and the judgment on the cases by legal courts. The course covers the major topics such as Standard of Care, Duty of Care, Medical Negligence, Criminal Liability, Need of Consent, and Confidentiality.

Dr Arvinder Singh Did Certified Medical Law Course

Doctors majorly suffer due to lack of awareness of medical law and ethical medical guidelines; hence, they get accused of medical negligence. Doctors and Hospitals should ensure that they follow the ethical medical standard of care. Recently, Dr Arvinder Singh has also started a law firm in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He will mainly provide legal services for medical law, consumer law, real state law, family law and criminal law. Previously, Dr. Singh has also secured many certificates such as Accredited Mediator, Commercial Arbitration, and International Business Negotiation from esteemed Law Bodies. Dr. Arvinder Singh is mainly an MBBS, MD (Pathology), gold medalist in MBA from IIM, Indore. He is also pursuing LLB.

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