Dr. Arvinder Singh - Medico Legal Expert

Dr. Arvinder Singh has become a certified medico-legal expert. He is a postgraduate medical doctor, who has a record of North India’s first medical doctor who received Gold Medal in MBA from IIM. He is also pursuing LLB and doing diploma in medical law from National Law University, Banglore. Dr. Singh did the certified medical-legal course from Institute of Medicine & Law, Mumbai. The course covered many important medical-legal topics such as standard of care, duty of care, criminal liability of doctors, confidentiality, medical negligence, and the importance of consent.

Dr. Arvinder Singh – Medico-Legal Expert in Rajasthan

Dr. Arvinder Singh cleared the exam with high grades and now become a certified medico-legal expert. Dr. Arvinder Singh has also written a book on doctors and law. Soon, this book will be available in the market. Dr. Singh has also started a law firm in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He will provide legal advice for medico-legal matters. Dr. Arvinder Singh is also a certified commercial mediator, certified international business negotiator, and certified accredited mediator.

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