Mind Map Program

Mind Map Training Program For Intelligence Enhancement

Dr Arvinder Singh, MBBS, MD, MBA is the also proprietor of Panacea Intelligence. He is also the chairman of Panacea Educational Society, Jaipur. He invented an effective tool for intelligence enhancement with the name of Seven Effective Thinking patterns. Dr Arvinder Singh conducts mind map program to provide mandatory skills to persons. He is a certified license mind trainer from DeBono Academy, United States and Buzan Academy, United Kingdom.

In mind map Program, he introduces various methods to increase intelligence level. This training program can help persons to take quick and appropriate decisions. Dr Arvinder Singh considers that each person can think in creative manner if the person starts giving proper attention. When the person starts thinking about a particular topic or problem, he may get many ideas. In mind map program, Dr Arvinder Singh explains about how the person can arrange all the creative ideas in proper manner to get clear visual picture.

Mind Map Program

Through mind map training program people learn about creative thinking skills. Dr Arvinder Singh elaborates proper technique for improving intelligence level or Intelligence quotient. The person can easily differentiate central idea with associated ideas. The mind map session helps to increase mind power and visual imaginary skill. Through the session people can learn how to generate creative ideas. Proper steps are followed in mind map program so that the person can learn the things easily step by step.

Dr Arvinder Singh is a famous intelligence trainer. He has organized various seminars and workshops on mind map training. People can get many benefits from the program such as they learn how to do focus, how to think creative and can also know how to make links between different ideas. In other words, mind map session people can learn to make relationship between disconnected ideas.  So, they can organize all the creative thoughts to create a whole productive concept.

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