Mind Map Program For Intelligence Enhancement

With Julie Chris in Mind Map Session

Mindmapping is an effective brainstorming method that can give powerful results. Although the phrase – mind map, got popularity by famous television personality, British psychology author – Tony Buzan. This technique helps in problem solving. In other words through mind map session the person can easily find best solution of the problem. Despite of its popularity and effectiveness, most people are not familiar with this method. On the other hand, many people do not know the correct technique of mind mapping.

Dr Arvinder Singh, intelligence enhancement expert, creativity trainer and motivator took mind map session to provide essential details about the technique. He elaborated that if the person will follow some simple steps then he will find the mind mapping session interesting.

Mind Map Session

The person should start the mind map session in a quiet place.  Light environment and no disturbance help to generate inner peace. First of all, the person should think what he wants to achieve through the session. Rather focusing on the steps, the person should set the goal which he wants to accomplish.

Mind mapping is the part of brainstorming so as brainstorming grows, the person starts think creatively. However, the person should not think within the boundaries. The person should encourage out of the box thinking or lateral thinking. Specially, the person should not take immediate decision as proper analysis helps to discover the best idea.

Mind map shows relationship among different pieces. Through mind mapping the person can find major ideas and other supporting ideas. Major ideas are connected with central concept and other supporting ideas are connected with branches. Mind map session helps to understand mind map technique. The person can create mind map on the rouge page and can convert it later into high quality pictures. Dr Arvinder Singh explained all the rules and method during mind map session.

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