Mind Map Trainer Accreditation

With Tony Buzan Receiving Mind Map Trainer Accreditation

Dr Arvinder Singh is a versatile personality. He has expertise in various fields such as health care, education, training, intelligence development, etc. Mainly he belongs to medical field as he did MBBS and MD in pathology. Later, he also did MBA from IIM, Indore and got IIM gold medal. on the other side he also works as mind map trainer, creative trainer and operational intelligence trainer and motivator. He is specially trained in the operational intelligence enhancement field from various national and international authorities such as Think Buzan, UK, Puno Academy, USA and Neurolinguistic Programming, USA.

Mind Map Trainer Accreditation

Tony Buzan is the originator of Mind Maps. Mind mapping is particularly a creative thinking or brainstorming technique that can transform the life of an individual. Dr Arvinder Singh completed Mind Map training course under the guidance of Tony Buzan. Dr Arvinder Singh is famous mind map trainer. He has introduced a specially designed creative tool SETP that can help in operational intelligence enhancement. With the help of this tool an average person can increase his intelligence.

As a Mind map trainer, Dr Arvinder Singh has organised many training programs to deliver the information to people related to intelligence enhancement and development. Hence, the training program can help the persons to obtain the skills. An average person can easily learn mind controlling skills through mind map training program.

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