Dr Arvinder Singh Received Award For Mind Training Program

Kumar Vishwas honoring for mind training program

The brain is the most important part in human body. With physical fitness, mental fitness is also essential. The person can do wonders in his life if he uses his mind properly. The person with healthy mind can easily handle complex problem or situation. Dr Arvinder Singh is certified license trainer for mind map and creativity, he conducts mind training program for the well being of the society. He has vast experience in this field. Till today, he has organised many seminars on mind training.

Award for Mind Training Program

Dr Arvinder Singh received many precious awards at national and international level for his works and researches. Kumar Vishwas, is a famous national celebrity. He is popular among Indian poets. He presented award to Dr Arvinder Singh for mind training program. Kumar Vishwas is also the member of Aam Aadmi party. He praised the social works of Dr Arvinder Singh.

Dr Arvinder Singh got high salary package but he rejected it because he wanted to serve the nation. He wants to increase the skills of youths so that they can do productive works for the country. Although, he is a pathologist but he also works in the field of education, training and development. He takes sessions for creativity development, intelligence enhancement, memory power empowerment and emotional intelligence development. In the mind training program he demonstrates mind controlling methods and techniques.

Mind training program mainly gives emphasis on mind functioning. People generally use either left brain or right brain. Left brain mainly works for analytical approach where as right brain deals with art related and non verbal approach. With the help of mind training program the person can learn to balance both mind parts. It is important to utilize the mind properly. The person who does optimum utilization of mind can reach to the level of genius person.

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