Award for Mind Training Program

Kumar Vishwas and Mayor of Udaipur honoring for Mind Training Program

Dr Arvinder Singh is an excellent mind trainer. Dr. Edward Debono, United States trained him for mind training. He is also the licensor of parallel thinking and lateral thinking. He is expert in mind training, memory training, speed reading, creativity training, emotional intelligence training and in neurolinguistic programming.  Other than these he has also expertise in intelligence enhancement.

Award for Mind Training

In an auspicious program Mayor of Udaipur and Kumar Vishwas (Indian poet and member of Aam Aadmi Party) presented award to Dr Arvinder Singh. Dr Arvinder Singh, certified licence instructor of Mind map provides mind map training. The person can learn how to improve the thinking pattern through mind training. Mayor of Udaipur and Kumar Vishwas also praised him for his mind training program.

Many people face difficulties in synchronizing their thoughts. Mind training program is specially designed so that person can easily synchronize the ideas to create a whole concept. The mind map training program is prepared by considering the capabilities and skills of an average person. An average person can easily learn how he can generate innovative thoughts.

In the function, Dr Arvinder Singh also presented his thoughts. He did many courses related to mind intelligence development. He is also the certified license instructor of parallel thinking and lateral thinking. As all persons know it is very difficult to get control over mind and thoughts. However, with the help of mind training program people can easily learn mind controlling skills.

If a person thinks properly on a particular subject then he will get many ideas. After carefully analyzing all the ideas the person will realize that only one or two ideas are practically possible. So through mind map training program people can learn to make link between different ideas. With the help of mind map training the person can easily get the best solution of the problem.

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