Motivational Speech in Pacific University

Motivational Speaker in Pacific University

Dr Arvinder Singh, the chairman of Rotary Club Mewar and CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics presented as motivational speaker in Pacific Institute of Business Studies. He gave the speech on the induction day to motivate the students. He told that it is essential to select correct life goals on right time. Dr Arvinder Singh also presented various examples to the students so that they could understand the concept in better manner.

Motivational Speech in Pacific University

Dr Arvinder Singh also shared his personal experiences with the students. In the motivational speech he told that right career goal selection is the most important step towards success. Many students face difficulty in selection of career goals because the mind says different thing and heart says something else. He said that the student should learn the art of balancing the mind and the heart to achieve grand success in life.

Students were motivated and enthused by his motivational speech. He said that with the help of proper methods a student can explore the hidden talent and can achieve the peak level. He discussed his thoughts to help the students in selection of career goals. In the session, many students asked question related to career, education and interest.

Dr Arvinder said that the main objective of the motivational speech is the students should select the career goal according to the interest not by other forces. All the students and faculty members appreciated his motivational speech and also praised his works and achievements.

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