Motivational Speaker

Creativity and Innovation Seminar

Dr Arvinder Singh, the motivational speaker told that people cannot achieve success in life if they keep counting their weaknesses. The person has to covert weaknesses into strengths to get success. Dr Arvinder conducted seminar on the topic creativity and innovation in the prestigious chain of Park Hotel Group. In the seminar, he introduced Seven Effective Thinking Patterns.

Creativity and Innovation Seminar by Motivational Speaker

He also elaborated that with the help of systematic training programs, people can learn how to generate valuable ideas. Creative ideas provide competitive advantage to the person. He also measured the effectiveness of training program with the help of internationally approved measuring scale.

In the session he introduced various techniques such as random word association, provocation operation and radiant thinking to learn creativity and innovation. He is the best motivational speaker and got many awards for his motivational speech.  Dr Arvinder Singh has knowledge of both medical science and management. He knows how to motivate the audience in effective manner. He is first doctor from Rajasthan who became international coach.

The motivational speaker also took a session in RNT Medical College. In the session he talked about goal selection. Many persons do not select right career goal and they keep changing job because they cannot do uninterested work for long time. In the session, Dr Arvinder Singh told that students should select the career goal according to their interest. Goal selection decision should be taken from the effective coordination of mind and heart.

As a motivational speaker, he has organised various session at different places so that people can develop the essential skills by getting positive motivation by Dr Arvinder Singh.

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