Motivational Trainer

Motivation works as positive force as the employee can perform work better when he gets positive motivation. It is very for important for students also. When a person gets positive motivation, he tries to improve his performance. Some persons are motivated by money, some are motivated by power whereas some persons are motivated by motivational thoughts. Dr Arvinder Singh also works as motivational trainer. Being a doctor, he has conducted many seminars to create health care awareness among people.

Dr Arvinder Singh, a Motivational Trainer

He has also organised seminars and workshops in schools and colleges as a motivational trainer to provide right guidance to students. He believes that students can build good future of nation. Many students face difficulty in selecting the right career path. As we know that competition among students is rising day by day. Many students are not aware about their interest and goals. Hence, they follow the works of others.

After some time working in one industry, they realize that the job is not right for them. The motivational trainer, Dr Arvinder Singh took career counselling session in Government Higher Secondary School. In the session he told that students should think from heart and mind to select career. In the session 90 students took part and they also asked their queries to Dr Arvinder Singh.  Dr Arvinder Singh also suggested that students should make their career in the field in which they have interest. He said that without interest a person cannot survive in a field for long time.


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