Health Awareness Seminar

National Level Health Awareness Seminar in Delhi

Anemia is a condition in which the amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin decreases in the blood.In other words, It is the lower capability of blood to carry oxygen. Today many people face the problem of Anemia because they do not take nutritious diet. Major symptoms of this disease are weakness, tiredness, shortness of breath, etc. Doctors suggest patients to take iron supplements and also suggest them to change their diet plan accordingly. Dr Arvinder Singh is MBBS and MD in pathology field. He participated in national level health awareness seminar in Delhi to create health awareness among people about anemia.

Health Awareness Seminar in Delhi

In the seminar he gave anemia treatment details to all the members. He gave information about modern techniques through which the patients can get fast relief. He also elaborated that the major reason of anemia is the problem is not diagnosed properly. Horiba, a Japanese company invited Dr Arvinder Singh to take part in pathologist association conducted in Delhi. Many people do not know exact cause of anemia. Therefore, in the seminar he also shared causes of anemia to create general health awareness among people.

Dr Arvinder Singh told that with the help of modern equipment doctors can easily identify the exact cause and can provide right treatment to patients. Doctors can identify the causes of the problem without injecting injection within the bones so the patients can get rid of the disease easily without any pain. Dr Arvinder Singh conducted many seminars to create health awareness among people about diseases and health body.

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