Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Therefore, Neuro Linguistic Programming explains the fundamental relationship between human mind (Neuro) and the particular language (linguistic). It also show that how the mind monitors behaviour of other body parts. In Neuro Linguistic Programming three major elements are responsible for human intelligence. Neurology, language and programming are the three major components. Particularly, Neurological system maintains human body functions. Language is used for passing signals to other body parts. Programming determines the type of model human creates.

Certificate for Neuro Linguistic Programming

Dr Arvinder Singh has expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming as he did particular training course in this field. He also did mind map training course by Thinkbuzan Academy, UK. He invented intelligence enhancement tool – Seven Effective Thinking Patterns which works to improve mind power and creativity. Dr Arvinder Singh used various concepts for the development of this tool. Hence, he also got various awards for his achievement.

He states that Neuro Linguistic Programming concepts can be used for personal development. Therefore, the Person can learn how mind actually works with the help of training program. Neuro Linguistic Programming helps to understand how people organise their feeling, thinking and behaviour to produce the result they want to achieve. Knowledge of this concept helped Dr Arvinder Singh to understand general behaviour of people. He States that each person uses unique mental filtering system to give the particular output or reaction. In different situations human shows different behaviours. Mainly five human senses taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing work as input.

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