Patrika in Education

Children can utilize the time of summer vacations by joining summer camps.  There are numerous benefits of summer camp. Hence, in the summer vacations children can learn various things and can add value in their personality. Every year Patrika in Education group organize summer camp for the benefit of students. This year Patrika in Education (PIE) started the summer camp – 2018 on 15th May in B N College.

Patrika in Education Summer Camp

Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics inaugurated this camp in the presence of many prominent members. In ‘Patrika in Education’ summer camp more than 60 creative courses such as dancing, singing, martial arts, personality development, cooking, drawing, etc., were available. Apart from children, adults also took part in summer camp activities. Many students attended personality development class.

Dr. Arvinder Singh took classes on personality development and effective communication in PIE summer camp. In the PD (personality development)class, Dr. Singh gave effective tips to enhance personality of people. Many students from different education background attended PD class. Students also asked related queries and problems to Dr. Singh. Moreover, The students enjoyed the session and actively took part in classroom activities.

Dr. Singh also talked about effective communication skills. He particularly elaborated the importance good personality and effective communication in human life. He gave many tips to people by which they can improve their personality.

In “Patrika in Education” summer camp many children registered themselves for more than one course and from the first day children showed their enthusiasm. Summer camp activities helped people in self-esteem and self-confidence development.  Patrika in Education’ summer camp gave good learning and unforgettable experience to the student.

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