Research Paper on PCPNDT Act by Dr. Arvinder Singh

Research on PCPNDT Act by Dr. Arvinder Singh

International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, Dubai accepted the research article of Dr. Arvinder Singh ( CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, Udaipur ) on ‘PCPNDT Act and Latest Development’. Dr. Arvinder Singh did research with his son Arpit Singh. Due to strict implementation of PCPNDT act from past few years, Radiologists and people who are operating sonography centers and infertility clinics are living with stress and fear. The causes of stress are negative media publicity and criminal liabilities come under the PCPNDT Act.

Doctors have to face hard punishments like the cancellation of medical practitioner license, heavy penalty, imprisonment, etc., for insignificant things such as clerical errors in form filling, change of font size in display board, not wearing nameplate and apron, etc. These kinds of actions of PCPNDT act have created terror in the mind of doctors.

Research Paper on PCPNDT Act and Latest Development

International Radiological and Imaging Association(IRIA) presented this serious matter to government and in front of various courts to stop unnecessary harassment of doctors. Dr. Singh’s found by the research that the doctors are also with the Government for stopping female foeticide and avoiding sex discrimination. They want relief from the strict actions taken by the government on trivial issues so that they can do their job well without unnecessary stress.

At present, the government is also showing support and working to take action only against the guilty and not for any minor clerical error. For this, Government is doing sting operation to arrest the guilty. Dr. Arvinder Singh is MBBS, MD, and postgraduate medical doctor. He is also pursuing LLB and law diploma from National Law University, Banglore. Dr. Singh is a certified international mediator and certified international business negotiator.

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