Personality Development Certificate

Personality Development Faculty in PIE Camp

Patrika group organized PIE summer camp in which more than 60 courses were available for students. Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO, and CMD of Arth Diagnostics mentored personality development course. Many students enrolled in this course. Dr. Singh is popular as creativity trainer. Moreover, he has done various courses related to intelligence enhancement and creativity development from esteemed national and international universities.

Personality Development Course in PIE Summer Camp

Dr. Arvinder Singh gave powerful tips for personality development in the class. Personality development is the enhancement of important skills, which are necessary to achieve success and happiness in life. In the class, he talked about various important skills such as communication skill, listening skill, leadership skill, dressing up skill, stress management skill, etc. These are fundamental skills which are essential in each field. Hence, these life skills will help in both personal and professional life. Dr. Singh believes that each person has some uniqueness.

Dr. Singh told that a person should be positive and confident about own self. He also advised the students that they should work on communication skill. He elaborated the importance of effective listening. Dr. Singh conducted various personality development activities in the class. Moreover, he elaborated the importance of motivation in life. He also told that people should read motivational literature and watch inspirational videos to stay motivated. All the students actively took part in the activities and also asked their queries.

Dr. Singh also introduced the concept of mind-body fitness and talked about PQ, IQ, EQ, and SQ. He advised the students that they should select a life goal and should put efforts in the right direction to achieve the goal.

On the grand finale of PIE summer camp, Dr. Arvinder Singh received appreciation award for mentoring personality development course. Dr. Singh also showed his gratitude to Patrika group.

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