Problem Solving Faculty Development Program

Problem Solving and Faculty Development Program

Problem solving and decision making are critical skills for business and as well for personal life. These skills are interrelated and interlinked. The person has to take right decision to generate effective idea to deal with problems. Dr Arvinder Singh is a certified license instructor for problem solving and decision making. He did training course from reputed and esteemed DeBono Academy, USA.

Problem Solving and Faculty Development Programs

Dr Arvinder Singh is also famous as motivational speaker, creativity and intelligence trainer. His mission is to educate youths of the country so that they can give their positive contribution for the welfare of the society. He conducted various educational seminars to provide essential knowledge to students as well as teachers. Dr Arvinder Singh conducted problem solving program in St Marry’s school. Many persons face difficulty in solving the problems. People try to avoid problems, however to become successful they have to deal with many problems and also have to find out the solutions of the problems.

In the program Dr Arvinder Singh suggested effective problem solving tips to students so that they can easily find out the solutions. In one other famous school St Paul’s school, Dr Arvinder conducted faculty development program in which he told about essential skills which the faculty members must have so that they can teach in effective manner. He talked about problem solving, creativity and decision making skills in the program. He also explained that how teachers can get these skills easily.

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