Quality Assurance Training Certificate

Quality Assurance Training Certificate of National Accreditation Board

Dr Arvinder Singh received quality assurance training certificate from National Accreditation Board. He gives major emphasis on the quality of services. Dr Arvinder Singh provides best health care facilities for the welfare of patients. He specially belongs to medical field. He did MBBS and later he completed MD in pathology field. Dr Arvinder Singh wanted to learn management concepts so he took admission in IIM, Indore. Currently he is the CMD and CEO at Arth Diagnostics.

Quality Assurance Training Certificate

The equipment and medical facilities, Dr Arvinder Singh uses at Arth Diagnostics meet the standard of national Accreditation Board. He received quality assurance training certificate because he provides excellent health care services at the center. At the center, doctors use modern and advanced equipment to detect the causes of the disease. It is the reason that Arth Diagnostic center is the best among other diagnostics centers. Qualified and dedicated members work in the team of Arth Diagnostics.

At the centre advanced level tests such as Treadmil test, body composition analysis test and Bone Mineral Density test, are also available. Patients cannot get these services at other places. Dr Arvinder Singh got Quality Assurance training certificate because the services of Arth Diagnostics were more effective and unique.

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