Quality Control Training Session by Dr Arvinder Singh

Quality Control Training Session

Quality factor is important in each field. Customers feel satisfied when they get high quality services. It is a general perception of human beings that high quality products or services are more effective and it is also true. Dr Arvinder Singh, CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics conducted quality control training session to teach the team how they can improve the quality of services.

Quality Control Training Session

In the session he introduced some quality controlling methods. He also gave information about how quality of services can be maintained.  In the year of 2013, he started Arth Diagnostics but soon the diagnostics center became popular.  After receiving the approval of Quality Council of India to get NABH and USA Registration for the well being of patients, the diagnostics centre became number one.

At Arth Diagnostics, patients can get excellent services because time to time, Dr Arvinder Singh provides quality control training to the team members. In Arth diagnostics, patients can get many health care services of high quality such as thyroid test, Cholesterol test, Lipid profile test, blood sugar test, urine test, infertility test, glycosylated hemoglobin test, etc. Dr Arvinder Singh got gold medal in his medical career. He did MBBS and MD in pathology field. He also conducts quality control training sessions at different places to introduce the quality controlling concepts to health care industry.

In the training programs he gives the information about how the health care industry can improve the quality of services.  He also gave information about what things they should consider for maintaining quality. He also gives some quality control tips in the quality control training session. A patient goes in only that hospital in which modern equipment and latest technologies are available. In Arth Diagnostics many patients come regularly because at this place they get right reports. Right reports help the doctors to identify the causes easily.

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