Quick Learning Tips by Dr Arvinder Singh

With Interact club of Ryan International School

Many students face difficulty in learning the concepts. As the competition is growing in very speedy manner, Study materials are also becoming more complex. In just primary classes, the child has to learn many concepts because the child has to pass the examinations. Dr Arvinder Singh, a known motivator and operational intelligence trainer took a session in Ryan International School. He introduced easy and quick learning tips to students.

Quick Learning Tips

Dr Arvinder Singh told that lack of focus is the main reason of learning problem. He explained that particularly lack of focus hampers our learning process. Dr Arvinder Singh also gave information about speed reading methods, memorizing techniques that can help students to learn the concepts quickly. In the session he disclosed some important aspects of study. In quick learning session he also explained the methods by which a student can read more than an average person in a specific time.

During the session, he also introduced the concept of Aucullo Cereberal Combination.  He elaborated that for quick learning, the student has to make proper coordination of mind and eye.  Dr Arvinder Singh explained that mainly human mind helps in learning and eyes help in visualizing the information.  He also introduced some factors such as thinking, environment, training and habits that can affect the quick learning process.

In quick learning session, Dr Arvinder Singh suggested that students should use images to learn the concepts because from images student can learn concepts rapidly. With the help of this method student can quickly recall the information even after long period of time. Dr Arvinder Singh introduced techniques of association and pegging that can also help in quick learning. With the help of association techniques, student can associate an object with real life. On the other hand, though pegging method student can learn or memorize the formula’s by using short cut methods.

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