Research on Low Price Reagents

Research on Low Price and Fake Reagents

Dr. Arvinder Singh is the MBBS, MD and certified from various national and international universities. He is the CEO and the CMD of the renowned diagnostics center – Arth Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. He did research on low price substandard reagents (chemicals). He tested 80 blood samples for the research and proved that the fungus and bacteria present in those chemicals, adversely affect the quality of blood tests report. Horiba, the Japanese company also took part in this research.  National Medical Journal accepted this research paper.

Research paper on Low Price Reagents

Dr. Singh tells that low price reagents also manipulate the reading of red blood count and white blood count and give wrong test report. Dr. Arvinder Singh proved that high-quality chemicals can only give accurate test report.

Medical treatment of patient totally depends on the medical test reports. The main reason for failure in the treatment is the use of low-cost reagents for medical tests. Moreover, wrong medical report can result in the wrong medication prescription and wrong treatment to patients. Nowadays, low cost and fake reagents are also easily available in the market that can harm the health of patients. Dr. Arvinder Singh tells that good quality reagents should be used to give an accurate medical report and the right medical treatment to the patients. Soon, Dr. Singh will also present this research paper in the National Doctors Panel.

Previously, also Dr. Singh has presented many medical research papers that have been accepted at national and international journals.

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