Reduce academic Stress and Pressure

Reduce Academic Stress and Pressure

Generally, all the students from school and college face academic stress and pressure. As we know competition is growing in very fast manner and to achieve success students have to study hard to score excellent marks. However, student can only put efforts from his side and the competition determines the position of the student. Many students cannot deal with failure. They become disappointed and develop negative feelings due to academic stress and pressure.

Reduce Academic Stress and Pressure with School Cinema

It is truth that success cannot come to us easily. The student needs to put extra efforts and his skills help to achieve the life goals. Dr. Arvinder Singh helped the students to handle academic stress and pressure by introducing new concept for acquiring skills “School Cinema in Rajasthan” with the help of LXL Ideas Company. School Cinema module uses a distinctive method to provide life skills training. The module contains various inspirational movies from class K.G. to college standard to teach important skills to students. Students can learn important life skills from school days and they can learn to deal with academic stress and various life problems.

In School cinema module various motivational movies are available on different topics such as academic stress, anger management, failure handling, peer pressure, self-motivation, technology use, teen safety, true friendship, etc. Movies’ worksheets and discussion sessions are also available to increase the effectiveness of life skills training. Students will learn how they can achieve success goals in hard competitive environment. They can live happy life and can handle any life problems easily.

On 14 November, Children’s day Rotary Club Udaipur mewar will organize a grand level function with media partners’ Dainik Bhaskar and 94.3 My FM for students’ welfare. In the function Dr. Singh will also take an interactive session with students about SMART goals setting. Dr. Singh believes that this module will help students to achieve success in life and they will learn to handle academic stress and pressure.

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