Mission of Rotary Club Mewar

Rotary Club Mewar works for social welfare and development. The club members conduct many seminars and workshops so that needy people can get the essential services. Dr Arvinder Singh is the president of Rotary Club Mewar. He is providing social services from long period of time to serve the society.  He also provides mind intelligence training, skills training and memory training on personal basis.

Rotary Club Mewar

Many famous persons came to attend the program organised by Rotary Club Mewar. Lakshay Raj Singh was the chief guest of the program. He shared his thoughts to save girl child. He also told that the club is working well and he also showed his interest in the social service projects planned by the Club.

Dr Arvinder Singh shared social welfare plans of Rotary Club. He told that the club will organise many programs for welfare of women and children. He also shared that the Club is also providing skills training to the needy people so that they can get good jobs. Dr Arvinder Singh also shared the mission of Rotary Club. He elaborated the future social welfare plans of the club. Dr Arvinder Singh also shared his experiences of past projects and he gave information about the past activities of the Club.

Dr Arvinder Singh told that the club will mainly give focus on creating health and education awareness among people. He also told that the club will also provide vocational and GST training to people so that people can get plenty of job opportunities easily.


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